2019 HT Registration FAQs

How do I register?

Click here to be taken to the Hockey Tasmania registration portal. Here you will find information on the registration process and a justification for why HT is changing it’s registration process.

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Who needs to register?

Any player actively participating in hockey in a club competition must register for 2019. Non playing members are also encouraged to register with Hockey Tasmania. The 2019 HT membership fee for non-playing members is free.

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Do I need to register before I play?

Yes, a player must be registered, and have paid for the relevant Hockey Tasmania Player Registration Fee via http://www.hockeytasmania.com.au/About-Us/Organisation-Selector, before they are eligible to take the field of play.

If you do not register prior to playing, you will not appear on team sheets through the HockeyNet system and you are not covered by Personal Accident Insurance (or able to make a claim).


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I play in a senior competition, but I am under 18. Which HT subscription should I choose?
As you are under the age of 19, you qualify for the HT Junior Player Registration type. Please ensure that you register appropriately at club level. This registration will still allow you to be eligible for Senior competitions.
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What types of membership does Hockey Tasmania offer?

HT offers player memberships and non-player memberships. These membership (AKA products) types are designed by HT so there is at least one that applies any specific member of the hockey community in Tasmania.

The 2019 subscription types are:

  • HT Senior Player: For players that are wanting to participate in a Tasmanian club competition and are 19 years or older as at the 1st Jan, 2019. This product will register you to play club hockey in Tasmania until December, 2019. Additionally it will entitle you to a season gate pass to the THC and the NHC.
  • HT Junior Player: For players that are wanting to participate in a Tasmanian club competition and are aged 19 or younger as at 1 Jan 2019. This will allow you to play club hockey until December 2019. HT Junior Players will not require a gate pass as they are already not charged for entry.
  • Stick2Hockey: This product is payable by juniors of any age playing a modified version of hockey.
  • HT Non Playing Member: For supporters, life members, officials, coaches and umpires. There is no fee associated with this product, but it will allow you to receive news and updates from Hockey Tasmania. Note: Choosing this product will not allow you to participate as a player.
  • HT Non Playing Member + Season Gate Pass: This is the exact same product as the ‘HT Non Playing Member’ product but includes a season gate pass to the NHC and the THC. You are charged $70 for this gate pass, and they can be collected either from your nominated club or at the gate of the THC or NHC.
  • HT Dual Club Player Registration (Senior): This is a special product type designed to help administer the small number of players in the state who play for more than one club. This senior product is specifically for players who are 19 years of older as at 1st Jan 2019. Before selecting this option on the HT registration portal, please read and follow the process outlined in the ‘Dual-Club Registration’ instructions linked in the tab on the top of the screen on the registration portal.
  • HT Dual Club Player Registration (Junior): This is a special subscription type designed to help administer the small number of players in the state who play for more than one club. This junior subscription is specifically for players who are under 18 years as of 1st Jan 2019. Before selecting this option on the HT registration portal, please read and follow the process outlined in the ‘Dual-Club Registration’ instructions linked in the tab on top of the screen on the registration portal.
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Is the payment compulsory?

Yes, the HT product fee must be paid upfront. Please note your club may choose not to charge upfront.

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Do I have to pay if I only play one game?

Yes, but purchase a HT 10 day registration. This will make you eligible to play for 10 days after the date of purchase, and it is priced accordingly. If you do not pay, you will be ineligible to be selected in a team or covered by insurance.

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How can I pay for my HT membership?

You can pay for your HT Membership via either Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit card) ONLY at this stage.

If you do not have access to either of these methods, you can use a prepaid credit card such as the Load&Go Visa by Australia Post. Contact us for more assistance.

The financial transaction will appear on your Credit Card Statement provided by your financial institution as payment being received by IMG SPORTS TECHNOL RICHMOND (or similar transaction description). You may be able to pay your Club/Association fees via other methods at the discretion of your Club/Association.

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Is there a processing fee for online payment?

Yes, the company that provides us with our online sports administration platforms (IMG Sports Technology Group) charge a processing fee. This fee has been absorbed by Hockey Tasmania.

For your club membership payment, if it is online the same processing fee applies. It is at your clubs discretion to absorb this processing fee into it’s club fee or add it on on to it’s fee.

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Can I register multiple people to the same account?

Yes. The process differs slightly depending on whether the other person will be registering…

For the same club as you

or To a different club to you.

To view the instructions on how to do this, click on the relevant link above.

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Are my credit card details secure?
The IMG STG online merchant gateway is designed with code that encompasses a SSL 256 bit data encryption certificate, thus providing one of the highest levels of security to individuals making online payments. As part of our service, no credit card details are stored on our servers whatsoever and are captured via our online payments provider in the National Australia Bank. IMG STG process over 1 million individual transactions annually (approx. one transaction every 28 seconds) and takes pride in its 100% success rate when it comes to online payment security.
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I’ve forgotten my password!

You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgetten your password?’ link on the login pop-up window and following the prompts.

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Will I receive a receipt of my payment?

Yes, you will receive a receipt from IMGSTG (the company that administers the HockeyNet system) and a receipt from Hockey Tasmania with a message specific to the subscription type you purchased.

The transaction on your bank statement will appear as IMG SPORTS TECHNOL RICHMOND.

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I have changed/don’t know the email address I have used in the past to register. What do I do?

DO NOT re-register under a new email. This will create duplicate accounts on our database. 

You are unable to renew your registration unless you have the correct email address to login. To obtain this, contact us.

Once you have received this email address, login in following our ‘How to Renew’ instructions linked in the tab on the Hockey Tasmania Registration Portal.

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How do I update my details

If you wish to change name or date of birth, you will need to re-register via our ‘How to Register’ instruction guide linked in the tab above the Hockey Tasmania Registration Portal.

If you wish to change your password, you can do so by clicking on your name on the right hand side after logging in and  selecting ‘change my password’.

If you want to change other details (eg address, contact number etc) you can do so after you login by clicking ‘Edit Details’ next to the relevant subscription.

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Am I eligible for a refund?

HT is unable to provide refunds, or for that matter pro rata fees for membership, regardless of circumstance or games played.

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Do I have to pay my club membership online?

It depends on whether your club wishes to utilize it’s online portal. Some Tasmanian clubs will choose not to for their own reasons. For more information on whether you have to pay your club fees online, contact your club administrator.

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