Board Update on COVID-19, 30 March 2020

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On 30 March 2020, the Hockey Tasmania Board met by video-conference to consider the approach to be adopted by Hockey Tasmania in managing the implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Board reviewed the current financial position and confirmed that Hockey Tasmania is currently solvent and able to continue trading.

The Board agreed that the following arrangements be put in place until further notice:

• the CEO monitor and report to the Board Executive weekly on the level of working capital;
• all avoidable expenses be avoided;
• unavoidable expenses be managed in conjunction with the respective suppliers and the support of those suppliers sought;
• stimulus measures from Commonwealth, State Government and local councils be explored and applied for wherever appropriate;
• the health and well-being of staff is a key priority and all staff and salaries be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Work Act. Some staff may also be entitled to government stimulus payments;
• the CEO has the full support of the board to continue to progress the organisation through this crisis, given the high workload currently the board will monitor and make adjustments if and when necessary to this important role;
• a working capital target of $200,000 during suspension of operations be set; and
• Hockey Tasmania’s current strategy be suspended.

Meetings will be held with Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Wealth and the Hobart City Council in relation to management of the principle and interest payments for the loan over the Tasmanian Hockey Centre.

All announcements regarding sources of financial support are being actively monitored and applications for funding will be made where the criteria are met. These will include Commonwealth and State Government stimulus measures, additional local council funding and employment support payments.

Hockey Tasmania is also participating in a Whole of Sport group (Chaired by Ken Read), which represents all major sports in Tasmania and is negotiating with the State Government to secure additional funding to enable sport to return to normal as quickly as possible when conditions improve.

Hockey Tasmania will be refunding amounts paid by members for participation in future State teams, less any adjustment for expenses already incurred.

Decisions regarding registration fees paid to date will be made once we have clarity about the 2020 season. This is being monitored daily as HT are committed to running competitions state-wide in 2020, if and when its safe to do so.

Hockey Tasmania is working towards ensuring the organisation has sufficient capital in place to enable an efficient and effective resumption of operations when that is allowed.

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