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Premier League Forum Update August 2015

The Premier League Forum was conducted on the 11 July 2015.

Outcome One

The two main recommendations from the forum were:

1.       Upgrade the current Premier League Competition and build the Premier League brand

2.       Introduce new competitions.  There were two popular proposals:

a.      Draft Style Super Competition

b.      Pre-season / Knockout / Lightening Premiership Competition.

Outcome Two 

The Southern Competition Committee considered that the roll-out of the project should occur in two phases:

In 2016:

a.       Upgrade current Premier League Competition

b.      Introduce Pre-Season Competition.

 In 2017:

a.       A Super Competition, possibility of draft style, played in addition to the Premier League roster (project      commences in 2016).

Outcome Three

For the SHL Premier League Upgrade in 2016 there are working groups examining:

Premier League Branding: Comprising of Premier League player representatives, this group has been considering recommendations to upgrade the Premier League competition branding.

Publicity: This group will examine possibilities for marketing, live streaming, media coverage, social media marketing etc.

Premier League Umpiring: This group will address issues surrounding the current umpiring structure; re-establishing the umpiring framework; increasing the quantity of umpires; and encouraging accreditation to ensure quality of umpiring is at a high level and consistent.

Pre-Season Competition: this group will shortly circulate to all Tasmanian clubs a draft copy of the 2016 Pre-Season Competition rules and rosters for comment and feedback.

Those involved in the working groups are to be commended on the progress so far.  A large amount of work has been done in the six weeks since the forum.

Hockey Tasmania has been kept informed of these outcomes and is supportive of our efforts to include the North and North-West in any future competitions.

Brigid Ritchie

Coordinator, Southern Competitions Committee

Southern Competitions Committee (SCC) Premier League changes effective from 22/8/2015

Following recommendations from the Premier League Forum in July, the following changes to upgrade the Premier League Competition will be implemented, effective from 22 August 2015.

These changes planned for the last two rounds and the 2015 finals series are ‘practice sessions’ for the new regime to be introduced in 2016:

·       Music played before all games (THC1)

·       Teams and goal scorers to be announced (THC1)

·       Ball girls and boys to be rostered on for all Premier League games.

The SCC welcomes constructive feedback on the above changes. Please email with any feedback.

The Southern Competition Committee has identified the revitalisation of the Premier League competition as a major priority.

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