From the Board: Competition Changes in 2020

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The Hockey Tasmania board endorse the State Club Cup proposal and was pleased to hear it was well received within the competition committees. The board is keen to see greater connectivity across the state in the competitions space.

The board noted again the recent highly successful New Zealand trip which had so many positive outcomes on and off the field, but unfortunately it’s looking highly unlikely we will send teams in 2020 due to NZ restructuring their senior national competitions.

The board received final reports from John McCambridge in relation to his work re-developing the Terms of References for our committees and Richard Davies for his co-ordination of the Junior Development working Group. The board thanked them both for their many hours of volunteerism and will now consider next steps.

Financials to the end of September sees Hockey Tasmania positioned strongly year to date, with the October results also looking very positive.

Damian Smith, CEO Hockey Tasmania

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