Hockey Australia Statement On Transition To GameDay Platform

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Hockey Australia wishes to provide the following update on the new membership platform, GameDay.

The planned transition to the new GameDay competition management system will not occur for the 2019 season. An interim solution will be provided, utilising the existing OST competition management system. A daily feed between OST and GameDay will link the competition management and membership systems.

Hockey’s new membership database system, GameDay, has been operating since January, with a number of bugs being worked through during the roll out. Overall feedback on the system has been positive, however there remain a number of issues with the system which Sports TG are working to resolve.

The development of the competition management system, however, has been slower than anticipated. While the system was performing well in test environments, there was concern it would not operate effectively in a live environment. The full extent of these concerns were only made visible to Hockey Australia on 20 February 2019. Since this time, Hockey Australia has been working with affected Member Associations and Sports TG to achieve the best possible outcome for each jurisdiction’s circumstances.

Based on revised completion estimates provided by Sports TG, and with the end user experience paramount, a decision was made on 28 February 2019 for Hockey to not transition onto the GameDay competition management system for season 2019. While extremely disappointed with this further delay, HA can confirm users will continue to be provided access to the existing OST competition management system for 2019. The current OST competition management system is well known to the sport, and will continue to operate with a daily feed from the GameDay membership database. The establishment of this daily feed by Sports TG is of the highest priority to minimise any further disruption to administrators and users.

We apologise for inconvenience caused to the Hockey Family and share your frustration at this further delay in accessing this system. Hockey Australia will continue to work with Sports TG to provide the best possible outcome for the upcoming season, and work closely with Member Associations on the best solution for the sport moving forward. Users experiencing technical issues can continue to contact HA at

Matt Favier

Chief Executive

Hockey Australia

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