Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement From The Board, Monday 16 March 2020

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Hockey Tasmania Board Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement Monday 16 March 2020

Important Statement
Hockey Tasmania Board
Coronavirus COVID-19
Monday March 16, 2020

The following outlines the Hockey Tasmania Boards approach and position in respect of the challenge facing us, there are two principle considerations here:

1. Health. This must be the primary and initially only focus. Health has two aspects, private and public:

a. Private health. This is a matter for each individual. Nobody is forced to attend hockey (or to go out in public at all). We must respect the decision of any individual who makes the decision not to attend.
b. Public Health. HT has a clear responsibility to the public (not only our own public but also the wider Tasmanian public). The Government are the experts in this: not us. We MUST follow the advice of the Dept of Health. I suspect that even as I am writing this the Dept’s position will change. Damian and the Executive is keeping a constant eye on the advice issued.

2. Economic. Any shut down will have economic consequences for HT and its member clubs. But we must not let this influence our health decisions. The health decision must be taken in isolation and only then we will look at the economic fall-out.

The above has also been disseminated to all club presidents. If any of you have further concerns or comments please raise them through your clubs and they will be forwarded onto either Damian or myself.

Kind regards,

Ken Read
Chair – Hockey Tasmania

Please click here for up-to-date information on Hockey Tasmania’s response to COVID-19.

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