Technical Official Accreditation


Technical official accreditation

There are three levels of Technical Official Accreditation

There are prerequisites which must be fulfilled before undertaking the Technical Official accreditations as below:

Level 1
Prerequisite       No prerequisite

Level 2
Prerequisites     Level 1 Technical Official
Technical Official experience in local competition

Level 3
Prerequisites     Level 2 Technical Official
Minimum Australian Umpire
Technical Officiating experience at National Championships Level (including underage)

Please contact to find out when the next Level 1 or Level 2 Technical Official course is being held.

The Level 3 Technical Official Course is conducted by Hockey Australia.

Existing Officials

FIH Rules of Hockey Video Library

This is a joint project between the FIH Umpiring Committee and Hockey Rules Board. The Video Library is an excellent resource which provides a collection of video clips demonstrating the Rules of Hockey and their current interpretations.

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